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September 1st 2021

Learning Everywhere Together - Options for Families

Prairie Spirit Schools

  • In person learning in our welcoming and well-maintained facilities
  • Full curriculum learning supported by our outstanding teaching and support staff
  • Supports for learners, including:
    • Extra-curricular activities
    • Practical and applied arts
    • Driver education
    • Counselling
    • Supports for learners, including English language learners

Spirit eLearning Online School

  • Offers the benefits of a Prairie Spirit school in an innovative online format
  • Province leader in online education
  • Daily interaction with your teacher
  • Learning alongside and interacting with peers, including group projects

Prairie Spirit Learning @ Home

  • For learners who cannot attend regularly in person
  • Learn at your own pace - no daily check-ins
  • No need for technology or internet access
  • Support and learning materials provided by a dedicated teacher

Home-based Education

  • Parents are the primary educator for their child
  • Parents determine the content of their learning
  • Support provided by a Prairie Spirit facilitator

Return to School Plan

  • We are following the Safe School Plan, with guidance from the Ministry of Health and the provincial Response Planning Team.
  • Throughout the 2021–2022 school year, Prairie Spirit School Division will follow the direction of the Provincial Government and Saskatchewan Health with regard to COVID-19 restrictions in schools.
  • All schools will continue to have the support and engagement of local Medical Health Officers (MHOs) in responding to any public health risks in school settings, including COVID-19.
  • School-wide plans for enhanced cleaning and disinfection will continue to be in place.
  • Students, staff, and families who are ill should stay home.
  • Regular activities will resume for:
    • Sports
    • Music
    • Other extra-curricular activities

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Prairie Spirit Core Beliefs

Prairie Spirit schools rank highly in provincial metrics, including above-average early years evaluations and graduation rates. We take a unique approach to teaching and learning, which produces many high-performing students. Here are some of our tenets.

3.21.15Grade 3 Reading at Grade LevelEarly Years EvaluationThree-year Graduation RatesFive-year Graduation Rates020406080100Percentages 3.21.15Prairie Spirit Saskatchewan Average Ministry Goal

Students learn best, not in isolation, but together

Children get a much richer experience by learning together. Dialogue and interaction with teachers and peers of different backgrounds is very important, for learning, for mental health, and for social development.

Teachers teach best, not in isolation, but together

With the shared goal of a better student experience, it’s important that teachers have opportunities to reflect, collaborate, and learn with colleagues.

Learning is not a one-size fits all, by the book approach

Best results are achieved when teachers skillfully adapt lesson plans to students’ learning styles and interests. Teachers are there to make the students think, and look for evidence of thinking with a process.

Parents and teachers are partners in education

Prairie Spirit is committed to working with parents to meet the unique needs of every student. Parents have the opportunity to share their perspectives and ideas for improving the educational experience.

We hope you will join us at a Prairie Spirit school for the 2021-2022 school year!

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